Top Country Towns to Visit on Your Australian Road Trip

Australia Road Trip

Your next adventurous road trip should include Australia’s best country towns. You can add these unique places in your GPS and take pit-stops there along the way.  These small towns include renowned restaurants, iconic hotels, breathtaking views, and delicious delicacies. There are literally thousands of country towns, from the Katherine and Adelaide River in Northern … Read more

Employers in Western Australia Are Hiring

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Western Australia is experiencing a bounce back from the global pandemic that shut down the country.  Companies are hiring, and not only to replace those who left their positions. The health care and social assistance sector is the biggest opportunity in the country right now. The sector entails midwives, dietitians, ambulance drivers, physiotherapists, naturopaths, and … Read more

Increase of Employers Trying to Fill Jobs in Australia

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A sign that employers are trying to fill open positions in Australia is the increase in job advertisements in the country.  This is a positive sign for the economy, which recently reopened earlier than expected from the pandemic lockdowns. Total job ads increased by 7.8 percent from the beginning of the pandemic. Australian job ads … Read more

Best Places to Work in Australia

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A list of the top places to work in Australia was recently released.  There are international companies with locations in Australia as well as small start-ups on the list. The number one company is Cisco, an IT and networking company with over 1,000 employees. Cisco Vice-President Ken Boal said, “We’ve improved our results by listening … Read more

Australians Among Most Accepting of Migrants

Australia Immigration Agency

Australia, unlike other countries, has not kept the cultural differences of its citizens hidden, They celebrate cultural diversity.  RELOCATE Immigrants who relocate to Australia are not viewed as guests, but they are encouraged to be citizens of equal standing in Australian society. When immigrants take the pledge of Australian citizenship, they say, “I pledge my … Read more

Highly Skilled Educated Immigrants Boost Australia’s Economy

Australia Immigration Agency: Skills

The Characteristics of Recent Migrants Survey reported that over the past decade, 79 percent of immigrants relocating to Australia had a bachelor’s degree or higher, and another 13 percent had a diploma or advanced diploma qualification. Of those groupings, 25 percent were in commerce and management, engineering and technologies comprised 19 percent, 12 percent were … Read more

New Australian Citizens Soar by 179,000 This Fiscal Year Up 56%

Australia Immigration Agency: Immigration

Over 179,000 people have been awarded Australian citizenship this fiscal year, an increase of 56 percent from last year There are currently over 80,000 people awaiting Australian citizenship. During the coronavirus pandemic shutdown, over 25,000 people have been conferred citizenship online, the majority from the United Kingdom, China, India, and Pakistan.  Face-to-face ceremonies are not … Read more

Shifting to Renewable Energy Could Create 100,000 Jobs in Australia

Australian Immigration Agency: Renewable Energy

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull sits on an advisory board supporting a climate change thinktank, Beyond Zero Emissions, in Australia The thinktank presented an alternative plan to the government’s gas-fired recovery plan. Beyond Zero Emissions claims a clean electricity grid is on the horizon and several opportunities are accelerating it. Turnbull agreed the opportunity is … Read more

Acquiring These Skills Can Improve Australian Job Opportunities

Australian Immigration Agency: Skills

Australia is in a significant period of social and political change, as well as an economic shift, fueled by technological transformation and global competition Over the next decade, the pace of tech changes will be very disruptive to the workplace. A report by Oxford Economics predicts that 630,000 positions will be replaced by new technologies … Read more