Australian Immigration is Crucial to Economic Growth

Australia Immigration Agency

The government officials in New South Wales are trying to pass legislation to allow two million immigrants in the country over the next five years.  The country needs to find a solution to the lost population growth since the global pandemic. Australia’s potential growth rate over the next several years is based on population, participation, … Read more

South Sudan Artist Displays Her Work at Australian Festival

Art Festival

Banksia, the video work of a South Sudanese immigrant to Australia, was commissioned as part of the Rising festival in Melbourne.  Atong Atem used her work to poetically speak to the longer history of African immigration to Australia. She used historical and contemporary narratives of migration and immigrants in the video. Atem said her main … Read more

Australian Facts: Cities, Population, Median Age and More

Australia 12 Facts

The team of the Australia Immigration Agency would like to present you with 12 facts about the state of Australia. If you are interested in living and working in Australia – contact us today! Capital city: Canberra Largest city: Sydney Population: 23,877,300 People (2015) National Language: English Siza: 7,692,024 KM² Currency: Australian Dollar Calling Code: … Read more

Top 10 Things to see in Sydney

Top 10 Things to see in Sydney

Watch now the top 10 great things to see in the city of Sydney, Australia. If you want to be there – the Australia Immigration Agency team of experts invites you to contact us! 1. Sydney Harbor Bridge 2. Sydney Aquarium 3. The Blue Mountains 4. The Blue Mountains 5. Taronga Park Zoo 6. Bondi … Read more

Science Students in Australia Perform Well in Math and Science


Mary Leask, the principal at Kingsgrove St Ursula’s College, said the college’s exceptionally trained math and science teachers, along with a partnership with the primary school, has brought enthusiasm and strength in STEM subjects.  Over the past three years, more girls are taking up high-level maths, and more girls are participating in chemistry and physics. … Read more

Top Country Towns to Visit on Your Australian Road Trip

Australia Road Trip

Your next adventurous road trip should include Australia’s best country towns. You can add these unique places in your GPS and take pit-stops there along the way.  These small towns include renowned restaurants, iconic hotels, breathtaking views, and delicious delicacies. There are literally thousands of country towns, from the Katherine and Adelaide River in Northern … Read more