Shifting to Renewable Energy Could Create 100,000 Jobs in Australia

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull sits on an advisory board supporting a climate change thinktank, Beyond Zero Emissions, in Australia

The thinktank presented an alternative plan to the government’s gas-fired recovery plan. Beyond Zero Emissions claims a clean electricity grid is on the horizon and several opportunities are accelerating it. Turnbull agreed the opportunity is available to have cheap energy and zero emissions in Australia if the government stops the political roadblock. The alternative plan is the first step of a ‘million jobs plan’ the thinktank is developing.

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The new zero-emissions sector would cut electric costs and create over 100,000 positions in the electricity sector alone, a new report suggests. The recommendations to build 90 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity, plus 20GW of batteries over the next five years has the capability to create 124,000 construction jobs and 22,000 ongoing positions. The goal is described as ambitious and not a revolution, but an evolution. Chief executive Eytan Lenko, of Beyond Zero Emissions, said the change to 100 percent renewable energy is inevitable, and only the timeframe of it happening is the question. Job opportunities will be in abundance in Australia as the plan moves forward. 

Jobs in Electricity Sector will be Created

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