Highly Skilled Educated Immigrants Boost Australia’s Economy

The Characteristics of Recent Migrants Survey reported that over the past decade, 79 percent of immigrants relocating to Australia had a bachelor’s degree or higher, and another 13 percent had a diploma or advanced diploma qualification. Of those groupings, 25 percent were in commerce and management, engineering and technologies comprised 19 percent, 12 percent were in health and 12 percent were in information technology.

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Of Immigrants in Australia Have a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

University of Technology Sydney Business School Professor Jock Collins said the report was consistent with other similar information. A growing trend in the interconnected worldwide economy is for workers to relocate to where jobs are available.

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The experts agree that the number of immigrants coming from abroad with post-secondary qualifications shows the significant benefits of Australian immigration. Another sign that the government’s policies are working is that 90 percent of migrant’s skills are recognized when relocating to Australia. Kristina Keneally recently called for Australia to cut migration levels during the pandemic. Collins disagreed, saying she has it backwards. He is calling for immigration to get back as quickly as possible, so the country can benefit from the stimulus Australian immigration brings, which is most important during this time.

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