Acquiring These Skills Can Improve Australian Job Opportunities

Australia is in a significant period of social and political change, as well as an economic shift, fueled by technological transformation and global competition

Over the next decade, the pace of tech changes will be very disruptive to the workplace. A report by Oxford Economics predicts that 630,000 positions will be replaced by new technologies in the next ten years, which is over seven percent of Australia’s workforce. The changes will bring great rewards to the Australian economy through massive productivity growth. There will also be opportunities for workers with the skills needed to fill the Australian jobs of the future.

Positions Replaced by New Technologies

Over 350,000 employees in Australia will be employed at jobs requiring an upgrade to speaking, critical thinking, and active listening skills. Over half will need to re-educate in soft skills, such as persuasion, negotiation, and agile learning, which are almost not heard of in the jobs they currently do. A prediction says that employees will spend less time on routine, predictable jobs in Australia and more on tasks that are less codifiable in the areas of the economy that are experiencing growth demands.

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