Summary of Eligibility Requirements for a GSM Australian Visa Subclass-189

A foreign worker applying for the Subclass-189 Skilled Independent PR Visa to Australia does not need to be sponsored or nominated by a family member, employer, state, or territory. They are not limited on time allowed to live and work in any state or territory in the country. They will be granted the benefits of enrolling in the public Medicare health system, being able to study at the universities, sponsoring family members for an Australian visa, and if eligible, receiving social security benefits after a certain timeframe.

Those awarded the Skilled Independent Visa will be allowed to travel to and from Australia, be allowed to start a business, purchase property or a home, and apply for Australian citizenship after living in the country for four years and meeting other criteria.

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To receive the Skilled Independent PR Visa, a foreign worker must receive 65 or more points for their overall score. The scoring is based on points given for English language abilities, age, skilled work experience, partner skills (if relevant, educational qualification, and other factors.

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