Post-Pandemic “Reset” Urged for Australian Immigration

The debate over temporary immigration to Australia has been opened by labor home affairs

spokeswoman Kristina Keneally. She cited the need for a post-pandemic overhaul of the immigration system to put Australian workers first. The government launched the Global Talent Independent program last November, which is geared to bring 5,000 of the top talent around the globe to Australia yearly using a fast-tracked permanent resident visa. Alan Tudge, the Acting Australian Immigration Minister, said the country was “an even more attractive destination now, because of how well we’ve done with the virus.” Other countries where COVID-19 has escalated might not be able to attract the best of the best.

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The program is aimed at sectors such as financial, agricultural, medical technology, mining, advanced manufacturing, and cybersecurity. The applicants must be able to bring in a salary of over $149,000 annually. As of January, 227 visas have been granted under the program, out of close to 400 applications. A former department lead, Peter Shergold, said at first glance the idea to bring in skilled workers where needed sounds feasible, but we must think of those who are already living in Australia and need relatives to join them.

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