Science Students in Australia Perform Well in Math and Science

Mary Leask, the principal at Kingsgrove St Ursula’s College, said the college’s exceptionally trained math and science teachers, along with a partnership with the primary school, has brought enthusiasm and strength in STEM subjects. 

Over the past three years, more girls are taking up high-level maths, and more girls are participating in chemistry and physics. The teachers are well trained, and their first discipline is maths or science, so it is their passion. Sarah Mitchell, NSW Education Minister, said the test results were a sign the new reforms to prioritize maths and science are having a definite impact.

Sarah Mitchell, NSW Education Minister,

She said the schools have all of the right ingredients in place to have the best education system in the world. If you want your child to thrive, consider contacting the Australia Immigration Agency. They will walk you through the immigration process so you can begin a new life in Australia. 

High school students received record breaking results in the latest international maths and science tests and finished in the world’s top ten. The performance was the best in year four science since 2007 and year eight science. A large number of high performing students boosted the results. Australia ranked in the top ten in high school science and math tests and 14th in primary science.

Education in Australia

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